Circus trailer under Lipnice / Řečice near Humpolec / 2014-2016


We are introducing a project from our Family & Friends series. This birthday gift from the circus clan of Berousek was given to our father on his 50th birthday by his family and friends. It was our intention to get the circus trailer before construction so the birthday "boy" can refresh his cabinet making knowledge and could work 2 years in the open fields. The sheathing of the trailer and all the windows were preserved. Due to the beautiful view of the castle Lipnice, one window was made into sliding doors which connects the interior with an outer raised platform. You can enjoy the view. 
The circus trailer is 7 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The original entrance has been transformed into a bathroom. The wall and floor of the bathroom is made from waterproof plywood. One wall is decorated with hand painted motif. In the open living room you can find a little stove with a sitting area, kitchen and a big bed with shelves and extra storage room under the bed. A natural plywood was used for the inner paneling and for the furniture as well. The floor was made from old recycled boards which have been painted with transparent varnish in grey color.