Different point of view / Iveta Cermakova Diploma Project / 2014


This project I created in my home town Humpolec. We were looking for some place where we could organize some exhibitions, concerts, lectures, etc. Finally we found abandoned administrative building almost in the center of the city. This building is typical for 1970’s. Prefabricated building from communist period. It was headquarters of huge factory for elaboration of flax plant. Now this building is like memento of past. We rented office and then I found out It’s ex office of my grandma. She was often telling me story about her office shared with three collegues...I decieded meet separetely all of them, because I wondered if they have the similar memories or if all of them see their common past differently. I tryed out there is many various subjective views and no universal true...Final instalation involves few hybrid objects built up from different memories and materials. Video is documentation of final meeting with all respondents.