Family house for friends / Pardubice / 2015 / study


This family house is located near Pardubice close to the garden hamlet. The location of the parcel was influenced by a busy road running along the south-east edge of the property and the request to have a view of the Kunětická Mountain from the kitchen. Near the road an enclosure for sheep is planned and on the north side an orchard. The house is based on crossing of the rectangular living quarters with open gable roof and garage with work room with a flat roof. The house is designed as a single-storey house with the option of creating living quarters in the attic. The living space is opened to the northwest to the garden and towards the garden hamlet with the view of Kunětická Mountain. The entrance with garage is located towards the road. It is a brick construction combined with wooden construction for one part of the roofed garage and wooden paneling in the work room. The roof is made of sheet metal, gabled and on the service part, it is a flat roof with vegetation.