Apartment for František in Prague - Invalidovna / Prague / 2016


3 bedroom apartment with bathroom and kitchen, 76m2

This apartment was already bought with bricked core and interconnected kitchen area with living room. It is situated in one of the first block of flats in Prague named Invalidovna with northeast and northwest orientation. At first the orientation of the flat was not very suitable but after realizing that the flat is on the 9th floor and there are windows across the whole room, we realized there was enough light and a great view into the surrounding area. Concerns about the lack of sunlight influenced the whole reconstruction and light colors were chosen. An emphasis was put on interconnectedness and open spaces. The reconstruction was supposed to be sped up by the birth of my son František but the reconstruction still took 3 instead of the planned two months. It was necessary to clean the walls from the original wallpaper applied directly on the concrete wall, brick up new dividing walls, install new electricity and pour concrete screed. Then everything else followed. That is why František moved in the first month. The main aim was to open layout of the apartment and create vistas in all directions, which are additionally enhanced by sliding door with a hole up to the ceiling. From the seat, it is possible to observe the view from the living room window and also through the entrance hall of the window in the nursery. Another unifying element is the cast polyurethane flooring in light gray tint, which could be applied to all areas without the need for thresholds. Despite the aforementioned openness it is evident that the flat has a clear division between social and intimate parts of living space. The division is also emphasized by using different material for furniture. Bedroom and storage cabinets in the hallway are designed from peeled pine plywood, while the living room with kitchenette is filled with massive oak wood combined with fine gray desk. One of the motifs of the flat are circles, glass holes in the door to the bathroom and toilet, round mirrors, round rugs and finally a round dining table. Another connecting elements are chandeliers - prototypes from our collection Derviš that originated in glass factory in Nový Bor. The last stage of the reconstruction waiting for us is the children's room.