Modular furniture MOVE ME / 2015


Move me is transforming furniture based on simple construction principles. One of the advantages of these products (tables, boxes, partitions, boards) is the variability and endless possibilities to re-design your interior. Every piece has its proper place and the basic length of 352.5 mm is present in all the products, which enables various combinations, transformations and assembly. All products are manufactured in our workshops and are environmentally friendly.

These products were especially made for offices but are also suitable for homes. Tables, boxes and partitions can be assembled or simply re-organized. Move me collection is suitable for large offices – this is based on the limits of collective space where privacy and individual expression are limited. Thanks to transforming boxes that can be built vertically or horizontally, the space can be divided and re-organized in many ways. Mobile partitions and notice boards can be moved easily around the table, hanged on the wall or in space or create comfortable seat pads. Everyone can create their own space without disturbing the overall design.

For home office you can stack boxes where you can place the work desk. Boxes have a height of 705 mm when put vertically or when putting then on top of each other. This with the added work desk is the ideal strength of a work table.

The Move me boxes and partitions can create a hall, living room, bedroom or a children’s room. Weight of one of the boxes is 5 kg which enables very easy handling and movement. A security provision was made for the children’s room to create bigger shelves.

They can be used as storage shelves, partitions, benches, suspension shelves etc. Each person can modify their own material and color combination. The basic look of the box is a board that has been sprayed white or in anthracite color. Sliding doors, which move in the rabbet, are available in all colors and materials as well as the plywood, mdf board and veneer. The rabbet replaces all metal fitting and is placed around the whole circumference of the box. The rabbet also serves as a lug for horizontal or vertical fixture of boxes to the wall. Dimension of the box is 750 x 352.5 x 352.5.

You can put special drawers from plywood in the boxes. These are easily removable from the rabbet.

Fabric notice boards
Partitions and fabric notice boards are covered with special fabric – felt, which is suitable for notice boards and it is very comfortable for sitting and improves acoustics in the room. Notice boards that are multiples of 352.5 mm can be put together. If you put two pieces with the dimensions 352.5 x 720 together you will create a table partition. These boards are easy to fix to the wall due to the backside that constitutes of a desk with plywood that contains holes for fixture. Boards with the dimensions 352.5 x 352.5 x 352.5 x 720 can be put on a box and create a bench.

The construction of the table enables you to maximize your work space for up to four different work spaces with the dimensions of the desk being 2,780 x 1,600 mm. You can also create conference as well as one-sided tables. The load-bearing construction is modelled from an iron rectangular profile with basic color being white/anthracite. Work desk is in basic design from sprayed MDF board. Openings for electrical cables and electric outlets are incorporated into the board of the table, covered with a board (dimensions 140 x 350) from plywood or solid wood. These can be mechanically taken out thanks to milled openings on the side and plug in your device.