New exposition of Jan Hus Museum in Konstanz DE / content and realization / 2014

teamwork: Ing. arch. Dita Mrázková



The new exposition of Jan Hus’ house in Kostnice, takes visitors on a journey of his life and teachings, from the time he was born up until the time he was burnt at the stake. It also points to the legacy of his teachings in our modern times.

The exposition is divided thematically into six parts. These are presented in individual rooms of the house and the visitors are guided by a timeline on the wall that points to the most important dates and events in Jan Hus’ life. The written information is supplemented in the display case with – Hus’ stones, which contain picture illustrations, further displays and additional information. The form of the movables – stylized stone – is based on headstones of Jan Hus which are represented as solitary stones. The exposition is supplemented by a children’s program, which refers to the theme of the exposition and the historical house itself.

The lay out of the exposition puts emphasis on the rich interior of the middle ages half-timbered house. The house is left spacious and free. Half-timbered walls, wooden ceiling and floors evoke strong feelings in the small space of the house. The exposition is in the ground floor of the house accompanied by study/lecture room that is suitable for short term exhibitions. This room connects to the entrance with new reception desk.

foto Husitské muzeum v Táboře, Zdeněk Prchlík ml., 2015