Winter collection / Roksor jako styl / 2013


We are introducing collection Roksor as style, where the main concept is concrete reinforcement/roksor and recycled material. This is all within a different (not other) utilization. We are moving this concept from the exterior and the invisible right into the living space. We are mechanically bending steal wires which keeps the internal structure protected from heat. We are trying to minimalize joints and we are searching for shapes created with a simple bending motion. The surface of roksor is adjusted, smoothed and protected by sprayed paint of various shades. Indented surface of the armature creates décor and ornamentation. Steel is combined with wood, leather and other materials with warm undertones. This combination is based on contrast – warm/cold, slightness/sturdiness.

The common nominator for all the products is sustainable design. This is understood as a complex array of drafts, development and manufacture of the product with emphasis on its lifecycle. Timelessness lies in everlasting beauty, which enables reduction of ecological waste. We are using materials that stand the test of time. These materials not only accept graceful aging but take the best qualities from it. Even though they change-age, they remain attractive. The design (form) of the product is timeless in its simplicity.

The basic motif of the collection is variability and combination. User can mix his or her own style. You can choose the color of the construction, type of wood or other materials and overall dimensions so that the product suits your space.